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About DNSSEC-Tools

The goal of the DNSSEC-Tools project is to create a set of software tools, patches, applications, wrappers, extensions, and plugins that will help ease the deployment of DNSSEC related technologies.

To contact the project developers, please write the users AT mailing list or submit bugs to the bug database.

News: 2.1 Released

New Features

    - donuts:       - Added the ability to summarize information
                      about a zone in the output, such as the upcoming
                      entire zone expiry time, etc
                    - Added the ability to query live zones for
                      records to analyze.  EG:
                      donuts live:good-a,badsign-a
                    - Added a -V switch to dump records analyzed
    - libval:       - Add support for conditionally checking all RRSIGs
                      on an assertion even if one that validates is
                      already found.
                    - Look for zonecuts based on NS records, not SOA
                    - Added initial support for TSIG in order to enable
                      libval to query recursive name servers that
                      authorized recursive lookup for only those hosts
                      that used a particular TSIG key.
    -  - Store respondent name server information in result
    - Owl           - additional sensor modules
                    - additional data analysis on manager
                    - logging to the Owl sensors modules
                    - optimized sensor data organization
                     (requires software upgrades on both sensor and
                      manager at the same time)
                    - added -restart option to owl-sensord for
                      restarting sensor modules
                    - improvements to the installation guide
    - rollerd       - generalized zonegroup entry in rollecs to be lists of tags
                    - rndc option support added
    - dnssec-check  - Ported to Qt5
    - dnssec-nodes  - Ported to Qt5
    - lookup        - Ported to Qt5
    - dnssec-system-tray
                    - Ported to Qt5

... and more.

Bug Fixes

                    - Fixed bugs in libval, rollerd, blinkenlights, Owl
                      sensor modules, and Owl manager
                    - Use rlimits to try and limit file descriptor use in
                      libsres so we don't run out of available sockets.
                    - Eliminate a few hardcoded paths in various perl modules
                    - Fix various compiler warnings
                    - Update autoconf and related files

Help Us Measure The World!

The DNSSEC-Tools project is undertaking a study to determine how ready the world's is for deploying DNSSEC all the way to user applications. You can help!

  1. Download DNSSEC-Check, Run it on every network you can and submit Your results
  2. Visit our DNSSEC-Check Wiki Page for more information about DNSSEC-Check and how it works
  3. View the results page to see information about the data collected to date.

Get Started With DNSSEC-Tools!

The DNSSEC-Tools DNSSEC software contains many helpful tools. Find the ones you need in order to get started by browsing the tutorial sections listed below:

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