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DNSSEC-Tools Component
This describes mapper, which in the Error Checking Tools category within the DNSSEC-Tools Components framework of tools.
Tool Name: mapper
Tool Type: Error Checking Tools
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Download: mapper


Mapper is a tool that graphically display the content of a zone file.

Getting Started

Start with a small zone file, and run mapper on it as follows (providing both the file name and the zone file the filename is representing):


Showing your personal style

Starting in a version of DNSSEC-Tools beyond 1.4.1 (ie, it will be in mapper 1.1) is the ability to completely control what the output looks like. The following options were used to create the grayscale picture in the gallery below. The mapper 1.1 manual page will have more details about using the options.

 -s 'RRSIG' -i 'nothing' -r

Screen Shots