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Installing on OSX 10.6.3 (Snow Leopard)

DNSSEC-Tools 1.6 has been installed and tested on OSX 10.6.3 (Snow Leopard). This page contains notes and comments from this installation.

The installation package used was the DNSSEC-Tools 1.6 tarball available from After unpacking the file, the basic DNSSEC-Tools installation inscriptions, found in INSTALL, were followed. These notes provide amplification upon those instructions.

Perl Modules

When installing from CPAN, a number of modules gave the following sorts of warning messages:

  • issues with "%s" formats, presumably in the printf() family
  • complaints from ld about the wrong architecture for one or another library

Even though these warnings did occur, the module tests passed. In addition, it doesn't look like these issues have caused any problems with the DNSSEC-Tools software.

In order to install the MailTools module, I found I had to run this command from within cpan:

        install M/MA/MARKOV/MailTools-2.06.tar.gz

Other variations (install MailTools, install MailTools-2.06) didn't work.


After building Gtk2 (within cpan), the pre-install tests resulted in lots of errors. In particular, this error came up frequently:

        Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".

However, the test itself always reported that it ran okay. In the end, I had to run force install Gtk2.

Building DNSSEC-Tools 1.6

There were several warnings encountered during the build, most of which had to do with string formats and incorrect library architectures.

In particular, ranlib always reported that libraries had no symbols. However, nm showed that the libraries did have symbols.

Despite these warnings, DNSSEC-Tools 1.6 is working properly.

Perl Tk

In order to run several of the GUI-based DNSSEC-Tools utilities (e.g., blinkenlights, rollrec-editor, etc.), you must install the Tk modules for Perl. This was not listed in the INSTALL directions.

It took several attempts to get Perl Tk installed.

  1. port install p5-Tk
    This seemed to work, but Perl Tk was installed in the wrong Perl library tree.
  2. CPAN install Tk
    This failed because it tried to build in ~/Library/Application Support/.cpan instead of in ~/.cpan. I deleted ~/Library/Application Support/.cpan and ran install Tk again. This time, the build succeeded, but the pre-install tests failed.
  3. port install p5-Tk retry
    This time, Perl Tk was installed in the proper Perl library tree.

Running DNSSEC-Tools tests

The tests in .../testing require the Text::Diff Perl module, but this wasn't mentioned in the INSTALL file. Install this module with CPAN prior to running the tests.

The tests ran successfully, with no errors reported.


The URL in tools/logwatch/README is incorrect; you must get logwatch from

The README lists the current logwatch version as 6.0.2, but the README was written in 2005. The current version is 7.3.6.

I did not install nor test logwatch. When this has been done, this page will be updated.