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This extension displays the DNSSEC validation results for names looked up while loading a given page.


In order to install this extension, download the latest version of the dnssec-status XPI file from the download page and open this file using the browser 'File->Open' menu. Follow any additional instructions provided by the browser in order to complete the installation process.

Enable the add-on by selecting the 'View->Toolbars->Add-on Bar' option in the browser.


When you visit a web page, you should see a new indicator on the status bar notifying you of the number of DNS lookups that failed validation on that page. Specifics can be obtained by clicking on the status bar notification. A screenshot is provided below.

One possible test of the extension is to go to the DNSSEC-Tools website and confirm that there is one validation failure for to the badsign-a.test.dnssec-tools.org name.



What's new

Version 2.1

  • Fix bug to enable extension by default.
  • Added auto-update functionality.